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Program Outline

Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® cardmembers

Call PlanetFone at 1-888-988-4777 or visit
www.planetfone.com/apply1.asp to place your order.

Program Terms and Conditions

1. The PlanetFone international cellular phone benefit is valid only for Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® cardmembers.

2. Eligibility is based on the primary name on the Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® account. If you are not a Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® cardmember, you will be billed for this service.

3. This benefit cannot be combined with any other PlanetFone offer.

4. PlanetFone will provide the use of an international cellular phone at no charge (for the rental charges only) for one month. The benefit does not apply to airtime charges, shipping, optional insurance, bill itemization, or use of a special 800 number to receive calls. Japan and Korea are excluded—see numbers 5 and 6 below.

5. PlanetFone will not charge cardmembers for any set-up, one-time fees, activation fees, deposits, surcharges, connect or international roaming charges, voicemail service charges, or taxes (Japan and Korea excluded).

6. The free rental benefit is not available in Japan and or Korea. In addition, a 5% tax will apply to the rental fees and the airtime charges on Japan and Korea phone orders.

7. To obtain service and to use the member benefit, call PlanetFone at 1-888-988-4777 or go to www.planetfone.com/apply.asp. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call or complete an application online, you must provide your name and the Citi® / AAdvantage® card name in order to process the order.

8. An outgoing delivery fee for shipments within the continental U.S. will be waived with a four-day advance order.

9. Outgoing delivery fee for rush shipments and regular shipments outside the continental U.S. including Canada are additional and will vary in cost.

10. A return delivery fee of $20.00 will be charged for deliveries within the continental U.S.

11. A cancellation fee of $20 will be assessed if you cancel your order after PlanetFone ships the equipment.

12. Airtime rates are subject to change.

13. A rental agreement with all applicable rental charges will be provided.

14. Rental charges will apply if equipment is returned after the free benefit period has passed, or if the equipment is returned later than the rental agreement states. Rental fees will be charged on a pro-rated daily rate based on the rental rate shown on the rental agreement.

Claims Process

The claims process for repair or replacement of equipment is as follows:

(1) PlanetFone will attempt to resolve all issues with the cardmember overseas by having a technician contact the cardmember to isolate the problem.

(2) If PlanetFone cannot resolve the issue with the cardmember, PlanetFone will provide authorization via telephone and the cardmember can take the mobile phone to a repair center of their choice. If the unit can be repaired, PlanetFone will reimburse the charges.

(3) PlanetFone will reverse all charges if the mobile phone did not work while abroad and the mobile phone cannot be repaired. These charges include rental charges (if the free offer time was exceeded), shipping charges and bill itemization. Airtime minutes for calls that processed and connected would be charged based on the rates shown on the rental agreement. Any toll free 800 call charges for calls that are processed and connected would also be applied. These calls would include incoming, local or international calls.

(4) PlanetFone will wait approximately two to six weeks from receipt of the cell phone to process any refund to assure no airtime is sent by overseas networks for this order.

(5) PlanetFone will offer to send a replacement handset to a cardmember if the handset is still not working.

For Claims call 1-888-988-4777 in the U.S. or call +1-626-792-9978 if overseas.

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PlanetFone home page

Citi, Platinum Select and Citi with Arc Design are registered service marks of Citigroup.

American Airlines reserves the right to change AAdvantage® program rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers at any time without notice and to end the AAdvantage® program with six months notice. Any such changes may affect your ability to use the mileage awards or credits that you have accumulated. Members may not be able to obtain all offered awards at all times or use awards for all destinations or on all flights. AAdvantage® travel awards, mileage accrual and special offers are subject to government regulations. American Airlines is not responsible for products or services offered by other participating companies. For complete details about the AAdvantage® program, visit www.aa.com/aadvantage

AAdvantage is a registered trademark of American Airlines, Inc.

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