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PlanetFone Affiliate Program: Common Questions Call 1-818-359-3595

    Making It Work    |    Common Questions  

How does the Affiliate program work?
How do I get started?
What does it cost to join?
Can anyone with a web site join the Site Affiliate Programs?
What if my web site isn't live yet?
How do I create links to Site?
Can I use the Site name on my site?
Where do I place my Site links?
Can I change my graphics whenever I want?
How are orders tracked and credited to my site?
How much will I be paid?
Will I be paid for Gift Certificate sales?
How often will I be paid?
How can I keep track of my account?
What if Site changes information or policies?
What if I need more information?

How does Affiliate program work?
When you become an approved Site Affiliate you receive a hyperlink and a choice of graphics to place on your web site. When someone follows these links and submits an application form for a phone rental on the Planetfone site, we will pay you a 50% commission* based on the cellular phone rental fee. We will pay you by check monthly for all accounts accruing more then $20. If the earned commissions are less than $20 per month, it will be added to the following month until the commissions have reached $20 or more.

How do I get started?  Call 1-818-359-3595
First read our affiliate Terms and Conditions and then fill out the on-line Affiliate sign-up application. We will let you know within one business day whether you have been accepted. Once accepted, we will supply you with your unique client ID via email. Copy a graphic of your choice from our banners and logos page, append the HTML you receive from us, with your unique ID and appropriate path to the image you selected, and place them in a prominent position on your web site.

What does it cost to join?
The Site Affiliate Program is completely FREE to join and operate. We will pay you. You pay nothing!

Can anyone with a web site join the PlanetFone Affiliate Programs?
We want to work with as large a number of appropriate web sites as possible. Anyone may submit an application. However, it is within our sole discretion to deny any applicant for any reason. We do NOT permit sites that link to or contain content that could be considered defamatory, harassing, harmful, obscene, racially objectionable, or unlawful.

What if my web site isn't live yet?
We welcome Off-Line Agency Referrals, if you do not have a Web site. Simply sign up and then call us for Brochures and answers to any questions you may have. Unfortunately, to become an Online Affiliate, your web site must be live. We do encourage you to come back when your web site is live and apply for the PlanetFone Affiliate Program

How do I create links to PlanetFone?
Once you have joined and been accepted, then you can log in and use your chosen User Name and Password to access your special user page. From this site, you may choose a logo size that will work best with your site. You will then copy the provided HTML code to add to your site. This code will contain the hidden ability to track your customers if they come from your site to the Planetfone site. It will then track them if they send in an application form so that you may be properly credited for your commission.

Can I use the PlanetFone name on my site?
Absolutely! We want you to, but please do not change our banners or logos in any manner. You will find a wide selection of graphics on our banners and logos page.

Where do I place my PlanetFone links?
Anywhere on your site that you think would be appropriate. We recommend a prominent location to maximize your sales.

Can I change my graphics whenever I want?
Yes. Just visit the PlanetFone banners and logos page for new graphics. We will update this page often, so we recommend visiting periodically to review updated graphics.

How are orders tracked and credited to my site?
All links from your site will contain your unique client ID. We will then be able to track every user who comes to PlanetFone via your site, and will credit you when a referral makes a purchase.

How much will I be paid?
You will be paid a 50% Commission*, based on the cellular phone rental fee, on all completed and approved applications that have been submitted by individuals referred from your Web site, or office.

How often will I be paid?
You will be paid monthly. If your commission for a month is less then $20, the total amount will be carried into the next month. During a month your commission reaches or exceeds $20, a check will be sent to you at the end of that month for the accrued amount owed to you at that time.

How can I keep track of my account?
You can monitor your account from the password-protected page in your special Travel Agent and Affiliate Section at any time. These reports will tell you how many sales have been credited to your site and the balance of any commission owed to you.

What if PlanetFone changes information or policies?
We will keep you up to date on all PlanetFone special offers and new information via regular Affiliate e-mails.

What if I need more information?
Contact us at support@PlanetFone.com

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